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Official partner of Budapestcard!
Official partner of Budapestcard!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time do your Trikke tours start?
After previous arrangement at the most convenient time for you!
Possible tour departures: 8:00am – 12:00pm!
1-3 hour tours.
Open: daily 10:00am-18:00pm. (Booking, to agree the starting time is needed!)

2. Is pre-booking required?
Yes, in order to make all the previous arrangements!

3. How and where can I book a Trikke tour?
Visit our website or Facebook page or contact us by email or telephone.

4. What information do I need to provide at the reservation?
Most importantly: group size, your desired departure time and contact information!

5. Do you have regular tours that I can join?
Yes! Mon-Sat 10am-11am "Square-line" downtown Trikke-ing!
You are more than welcome! For joining, pre-booking is essential! (Tel., e-mail, Facebook...)

6. What does the tour cover? What are the possible routes?
We have our own tour routes (Downtown, Heroes´ Square, Margaret Island, Castle district, etc.), but we organize customized tours on request!

7. Where can I Trikke?
Trikkes are classified as bicycles (they are electric bicycles actually) so you can ride them wherever you can bike: in bicycle lanes and big squares, in parks and traffic-free zones (e.g. City Park, Margaret Island, Castle District, Normafa Hill, etc.)
80-90% of our tours ride along traffic-free routes!

8. How old do I need to be to ride a Trikke?

9. How do children Trikke?
Children aged 4-12 ride with their parents (or with an adult brother / tour escort).
They experience the Trikke adventure with their parents riding on an additionally fitted foot platform. (In traffic-free zones they may try Trikke-ing on their own!) The tour is free of charge for children aged 4-12.

10. Are we riding electric or body-powered Trikkes on the tours?
We are riding electric, or more exactly "hybrid" models. The electric motor propels the Trikke forward, but with the proper carving technique you can take over! Innovative technology and a thrilling workout experience at the same time!

11. -"I have never tried Trikke-ing!?"
-You are not alone! It´s high time!
You don´t need any previous training; the vehicles are very stable due to the three-wheel platform! We start our tours with a short practice time: you can master riding a Trikke in a few minutes.

12. Are we escorted on our tours?
Yes, all our tours are escorted tours! Our colleagues are experienced guides who have tried their hands at guiding not only Trikke tours but ski / snow board / Segway / E-bike / etc. tours.

13. What about tour guides?
You may require a professional tour guide for your personal Trikke tour. This way you may explore hidden gems off the beaten track! Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, etc.

14. What should I wear?
Casual outdoor clothing is recommended! Always prepare for a bit chillier than the actual temperature because of the 20-25 km/h / 13-15mph wind! ?
Safety equipment is provided (helmet, other safety gear, rainproof clothing, etc.).

15. Do the tours run in case of rain?
Yes! If requested and no later time can be booked!
But if possible we choose to wait for better weather conditions.

16. What are the technical specifications of the vehicles?
All Trikkes are motorised:
Motor: 350W
Battery: 48V Li-ion
Range: 35-40km / 21-24mi / approx. 2 hours
Weight Limit: approx. 120kg (250lbs)
Uphill: 15%-20%
Other: The patented cambering mechanism keeps all three wheels on the ground at all times, thus Trikke-ing provides an experience like riding a motorbike and skiing at the same time. However, you don´t need to be familiar with either sport to make the most out of riding your Trikke!

17. Can Trikkes be propelled by body power?
Yes, but more as an addition, using the electric and human power at the same time!

18. Is it cool to Trikke?


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