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Official partner of Budapestcard!

Trikke – ski


Since Trikking is very similar to skiing, it can provide a real skiing experience in the summertime. We have special offers targeted to winter sport lovers and ski instructors. But of course, everyone is welcome.

Ski instructors, hobby skiers and winter sports fans! Join our adventure tours!

No matter if it’s a city tour, a forest road or one of our downhill tours the fun and hype is guaranteed.

We do the tours on three-wheel electric Trikkes, so you can practice the carving technique on flat, downhill or even uphill roads. Learning to ride a Trikke is easy plus the three-point platform provides stability in all circumstances. Even if you are not a pro in winter sports, come and have fun with us and bring along your friends and family.

Our downhill tours are a must for all ski instructors! During the tours we do real carve turns - thanks to the Trikke 3carv technology! Summer is no time for slacking! Our downhill tours include: Gellért hill, Normafa - Erzsébet kilátó, Dobogókő – Visegrád, Pilisszentkereszt – Szentendre. Riding a Trikke is great way to practice or brush up your carving ski skills; however, it can be used for instructional purposes as it teaches you the carving motion (weight distribution, etc.)


Ski instructors may rent Trikkes for their own tours, ski schools, events, sports days, training sessions. We provide the service background, the prior free trial and the free training on how to use the device, how to teach others and how to organize tours.

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