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Official partner of Budapestcard!

The Trikke

What is Trikke? How do you know that you are Trikke-ing?
When you are speeding on the road slaloming like the best skiers, your body swinging from one side to the other, bending in the curve as much as you can nearly bruising your body on the asphalt, but then an invisible force holds you and swings you back to the next curve...well..
then you are Trikke-ing for sure!

Trikke Tour Budapest! The Trikke was invented by the Brasilian Gildo Beleski. He started to develop his own 3-wheel-scooter in 1983. He realised that in case he is curving continuesly with it, he will move forward, which is not only good for doing sport, but is a great fun as well! Trikke is a 3-wheeled carving vehicle, a human powered machine that is based on the 3CV technology. It's chainless and pedal-less, only powered by the human body. It moves on without ever touching the ground by our feet. This elegant and fantastically simple vehicle is extremely stable with its 3-points-support. Using the trikke, a rider may reach speeds of up to 30 km/h on flat ground and may cover a distance of 80 km/day. After practising for a while, there will be no extreme grounds causing any problems! During the last 25 years the trikke has been continouosly developed. With the 3carv technology its feet may be moved separately from each other which is the greatest advantage of the vehicle. Thanks to the independent suspension of the two rear wheels, the rider can move his feet free, like a roller-skater or skiier, experience the thrill of deep-carving action sports, while the 3-wheels-support is giving us a reassuring stability and safety!

Electrical Trikke

Trikke Tour Budapest! And here comes the best! The e-Trikke makes it all this possible where- and when ever you want! You may use it on a flat ground reaching a speed up to 20-25 km/h, on slopes carving down, just like skiing, but it works also uphill very easely. With the help of the Trikke
Upt it's not a problem to take trips wherever you want!
It's comfortable, fast and safe, can be used for doing sport or having fun, but it's also a means of transportation being extremely friendly for the environment. It's ideal for the city, and for nature too. It provides outstanding stability and can decelerate from full speed to a complete stop quickly and safely thanks to its disc brake that slows down the two back wheels separately.
There are Trikkes for children and adults, Trikkes for the city or more extreme grounds. Learning to use the Trikke is easy and simple for everyone! There is no need for special training or talent!

Let's start Trikke-ing!


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